BBTV Staff Picks: How Creators & Artists Appeal To New Fans

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

May 12, 2022

BBTV Staff Picks: How Creators & Artists Appeal To New Fans

In this edition of BBTV Staff Picks, we’re diving into three unique creators and artists in the #BBTVFam that are creating powerful visuals to engage new fans, or producing authentic content that is a reflection of their love and passion for content creation.

Jenna Bandy: Brian Adler, Head of Channel Management & Production

Okay, okay, okay… I’m sure everyone who knows me is expecting me to choose an NBA Playmaker as my pick. Well, I do hate to disappoint, so I’m going with Jenna Bandy

Most people know Jenna as a basketball player & trick-shot artist, but there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. She’s a multi-sport athlete and an underrated football player, and this year, the NFL took notice! 

Jenna had opportunities for promotional work with the NFL throughout the 2022 season. It culminated in epic fashion when Jenna was recently invited to the 2022 NFL Draft. Not only did she collaborate on an exciting promo with Super Bowl Champion, Rob Gronkowski, she was given the opportunity to announce one of the Cleveland Browns’ NFL draft picks! All of this unique access was amplified across all her social channels, and it was entertaining to watch!

This incredible and unique series of videos resonated with me for several reasons:

1. She’s living my dream (although, I would have asked to announce the Dallas Cowboys’ pick because they are significantly better than the Cleveland Browns, obviously). 

2. She has been a fantastic ambassador for the NBA Playmakers network over the years, always volunteering to work with us on original content shoots, even in the form of Zoom calls during the pandemic. It’s a special joy to see Jenna receive this well-deserved recognition.

3. Her journey is truly inspiring. When we first met, I had never heard of her. In fact, another talent from the network introduced me to Jenna. This is when I started watching her content, and eventually asking her to be a part of our original content shoots. Since then, her popularity has skyrocketed. Her work ethic and passion is unmatched when it comes to creating great content. Jenna listens and engages with her audience, and is willing to pivot her content strategy to adjust to what her viewers interact with the most. Jenna is also a joyful person to work with—seamlessly working and collaborating with talent is one of the most important factors to a successful experience.

Check out her YouTube content, and follow her on social media to see what big event she’ll be at next!

XYLØ: Venus, Motion Graphics, Digital Designer

XYLØ is known for her debut single “America”, a self-released album back in 2015 that resulted in a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment. Now, she has more than 30 million streams on Spotify.

We, BBTV’s Design Team, have been supporting her with Cover Art Animations, Ads, and IG promo Assets. We even created a couple of filters for her single, “ALIENS”. She just released her new album, “Unamerican Beauty”, which has a unique VHS aesthetic; in fact, some of her music videos have been shot in old school VHS and SUPER 8. 

I found myself singing along to three of her songs while working on her promo assets—they’re really catchy! The album includes songs like “Sweetheart”, which speaks to a person’s experience when going through a breakup—I’m sure most people can identify with this song.

XYLØ’s genre of music isn’t my usual cup of tea, but I am impressed with her empowering music, lyrics, and visual aesthetic. She is a huge inspiration for people, artists, and creators all around the globe.

Tove Lo: Larry Heah, Music Talent Management

Tove Lo is one of Opposition‘s newest signees through MTheory, bringing 3.4 million subscribers and 22.4 million views per month over to BBTV. 

Her new visual for “No One Dies From Love” was her explosive debut release with Opposition. I don’t typically listen to Tove Lo’s genre of music, however, what caught my attention was her unique and stunning visual aesthetic. Her high-quality production value, along with a very cool video concept, is what stood out to me. Tove Lo’s passion also seeps through her music; she’s fully dialed in, from her dance sequences to her makeout sesh with the robot!

The moral of the story is, if your visuals are really, really good, your content will be too hard to ignore, pulling in fans who don’t typically listen to or consume your content. 

However, the main factor that allows you to stand out above the competition is your work ethic and passion. Tove Lo, XYLØ, and Jenna Bandy thoroughly enjoy the content and the music they produce, and it shows both in their production quality and the success they’ve attained over the years. It’s also a bonus when you are a collaborative creator, making the process a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

To hone in on your content, or to create powerful and aesthetically-pleasing visuals, partner with BBTV to get the support of our industry experts! Every resource will be made available to you so that each and every song, video, post, or picture you publish will resonate with loyal followers and appeal to new fans.

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