BBTV Staff Picks: How The #BBTVFam Are Quickly Gaining Fans

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

April 13, 2022

BBTV Staff Picks: How The #BBTVFam Are Quickly Gaining Fans

Three of our BBTV team members share some of their favorite creators and content right now! In this month’s edition of BBTV Staff Picks, we’re highlighting three creators in the #BBTVFam who have built loyal followings while continuing to push the envelope with their evolving content strategies.

Survival Builder: Jessica Lamirande, Operations Brand Manager

It’s 11pm at night, and you find yourself half asleep scrolling through your feed when a video catches your attention. You find yourself mesmerized for an unknown period of time—one video just isn’t enough. 

With over one billion total views, it’s no surprise that I have chosen Survival Builder as my pick. The two men shown in the videos, who are both from Cambodia, have been uploading videos of their remarkable builds since 2018, surpassing nine million YouTube subscribers. They showcase how basic survival tools and skills can be used to build luxurious structures from pools to underground temples.

What really drew me into their content is their video editing, showing a time lapse of their progress from start to finish. To sustain the audience’s attention, they focus on the most exciting elements of their videos: their talented craftsmanship, inventive strategies and then the final product. They then fast forward through all the monotonous and tedious tasks to keep their viewers’ engaged. It’s incredible to see what these two men are capable of creating despite having minimal resources! They often go the extra mile to finish off projects with naturally made paint and bamboo decking. 

Each video, shot in the wilderness of Cambodia, is captured over a span of 10 to 30 days. They have a unique format where neither of them speak to one another, but are always on the same page, working together harmoniously.

What are you waiting for? Check out #BBTVFam, Survival Builder on YouTube, but, a word of caution, you might get carried away!

itslikelymakeup: Chloe Morris, Sr. Manager, Domestic Content Partnerships

Jordi Dreher, or as she is publicly known as, itslikelymakeup, is the ultimate triple threat: a savvy entrepreneur and business owner, a talented and creative makeup artist, and a rockstar mother of three!

Jordi has been a part of the #BBTVFam since 2017! Over the last five years, she has grown her YouTube audience to over 721K subscribers, with over 384K fans on Instagram. Her platforms offer a little something for everyone. Her content ranges from everyday beauty hacks and elaborate SFX tutorials to more personal videos documenting her growing family and everyday life.

It’s no wonder Jordi has attracted such a loyal fan base; she has mastered the balance of creativity and authenticity. Over the years, Jordi has expanded her brand from a successful YouTube channel to a cruelty-free and vegan make-up collection. Likely Makeup consists of lashes and eyeshadow palettes to get the Jordi look. Beyond her makeup line, in 2017, in collaboration with BBTV, Jordi launched her merchandise store which carries graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and naturally, make up bags with Jordi’s iconic, edgy branding.

As Jordi juggles it all, be sure to follow her to keep up with all the latest make up trends and her personal adventures!

Brandon Rogers: Vinie Torres, YouTube Strategy Manager

Brandon Rogers is my pick for this month! I discovered his videos while watching the REACT channel, and his sketches were so engaging that I followed him right after the video ended. Brandon is known for his unique characters and loud (sometimes really loud) videos. He is a perfect example of a comedian that resonates with digital-first generations.

Brandon’s content is impactful and engaging because he is always inventing new characters and adapting his creations. While his start on YouTube happened over 15 years ago, Brandon has been able to adapt and adjust alongside growing trends and developments within the platform. While some creators may get stuck in the same formula that worked for them years ago, Brandon continues to innovate even after a decade and a half of success.

While Brandon’s content can often be NFSW, his videos have a special energy and rhythm, playing a huge part in earning him over five million subscribers on YouTube. Audiences love seeing character development, cameos and interactions between their fictional favorites; the characters and personalities Brandon has created live in the same universe and sometimes interact with each other. This is a very unique experience for viewers, helping fans stay engaged and invested when it comes to following these beloved personas.

Survival Builder, itslikelymakeup, and Brandon Rogers couldn’t be any more different in terms of the content they provide for their fans. What they do share in common, however, is their ability to innovate and create content outside of the box. These three #BBTVFam have been able to sustain a level of success by staying true to the core themes of their content, all while adapting to the evolution of digital media.

Much of that takes time and effort, but it also requires dedication and passion. It’s cliche, but if you love what you do, you’ll always have the motivation to keep creating content and brainstorming new ideas for your fans.

The world of digital video content and social media is changing literally everyday. It can be difficult to keep up, and it may feel overwhelming trying to juggle between creating content your viewers have loved for so long, and integrating new concepts. To keep up with the madness, partner with BBTV and join the #BBTVFam to get the support of our industry experts! We’ll keep you up to date with the latest trends and analyze your data to make informed content decisions without sacrificing the heart of your content and ultimately why your fans love you.

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