BBTV Staff Picks: Tips For Creating Authentic Content From Our #BBTVFam

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

February 3, 2022

BBTV Staff Picks: Tips For Creating Authentic Content From Our #BBTVFam

Three BBTV expert team members are weighing in with authentic content from their favorite creators right now. Get inspiration from these members of the #BBTVFam, who have built a tight-knit fanbase with their unique personalities and unapologetically authentic content. 

Angelus: Brodie Harvey, Artist Relations and Sales Specialist, Opposition

For this month’s edition, my pick is French music artist and producer, Angelus, an early pioneer of the growing genre, ‘hyperpop, with humble beginnings that saw them create an entire musical career from their bedroom in Paris. Angelus paved a way for themselves as a non-binary teenage artist, becoming a voice for others that identify with their experiences. This continues to be the driving force behind Angelus’ creative output. 

Opposition—BBTV’s music division—began working with Angelus late last year in partnership with AMCO. Last December, we released Angelus’ debut LP drama queen which received amazing praise. We were able to see some of Angelus’ first placements, including a timely feature as the cover of Spotify’s Hyperpop playlist, and a mention on New Music Friday. Our team was also able to garner support from several influencers and outlets, including a full-length feature in Paper Mag, which helped accelerate their growth online. Opposition is now focused on growing their YouTube channel. Releasing music videos such as the visual for Angelus’ largest single “gossip girls” allowed them to reach new listeners and gain a boost in their subscriber count.

Angelus shows their true personality on social media, making it easy for people to relate and connect with the artist behind the music. After working with Angelus, one of the biggest takeaways is to embrace who you are and be unapologetic about it. Creators who are sharing authentic content and express themselves without the fear of judgement allow audiences to form a tighter bond with them instinctively. Last month, Opposition released Angelus’ latest single “paradise” on their 18th birthday. 2022 is expected to be a big year for Angelus, with more music slated for release in the coming months. We hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with the young prodigy. 

H3 Podcast: Anastasia Gassieva, Social Media Specialist

Attention foot soldiers! For this month, I have chosen an all-time personal and crowd favorite, #BBTVFam’s H3 Podcast! H3H3 Productions is run by the iconic duo, Ethan and Hila Klein, a husband and wife duo that always brings ‘Peace & Love’ (iykyk). The comedic couple covers a wide range of topics from critical commentary to laughable sketches, and has gained a cult-like following for their pop culture critiques and celebrity guest stars. If you are looking for a new podcast to enjoy, I highly suggest putting on the H3 Podcast. It’ll make your workday fly by with endless laughs along the way.

The H3 Podcast has been one of the highest-rated podcasts since 2020, and it’s no surprise why. From the hit segment Frenemies with co-star Trisha Pastas, H3 After Dark, and Off The Rails, it’s no wonder why Ethan and Hila Klein’s three million subscriber count continues to grow—they are unapologetic, honest, and unfiltered when sharing content and discussing trending topics in the creator space. They’re also not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Check out their latest episodes discussing the infamous Fresh & Fit podcast, the Green M&M controversy, and the truth behind the Nikocado Avocado cancellation. 

Our team at BBTV would also like to congratulate the H3H3 family as they welcome baby Bruce to the world! All of us at BBTV couldn’t be happier for you both.

EscapeTracks: Michael Cordovani, Product Management Coordinator, Ad Solutions

The creator I want to highlight this month is the Canadian-based music channel, EscapeTracks. Like many other music enthusiasts, I’m always searching for new music and new artists; EscapeTracks has become a go-to channel for me to discover new music. Established in 2014 by Montreal-born Kyler Sassi, EscapeTracks has slowly developed into an international hub for R&B and Soul artists, showcasing some of the rising stars such as Luh Kel and Elhae, as well as established talents of this genre such as Jacquees and Tory Lanez.

What makes EscapeTracks so unique is their commitment to creating a community for music lovers to discover new artists, explore new tracks, and build a connection with other listeners. 

Since joining BBTV in 2021, EscapeTracks has grown their social media presence and subscriber count, reaching more than 1.4M subscribers and 700M lifetime views on YouTube. Escape Tracks also launched Live Sessions where new and upcoming artists are given the spotlight. This video series—released on a weekly basis—is created with an ultimate goal: creating high quality live sessions for listeners to tune in and vibe with. Each live video sets the stage using different graphics, colors, and lighting, which reflects the artist’s persona. As a recurring series, Live Sessions gives fans of the channel a reason to tune in weekly for new content.

EscapeTracks is the perfect platform for advertisers and brands thanks to its high quality video product and brand-safe environment. What makes EscapeTracks so enticing for many advertisers is its audience. The channel reaches mostly Millennial and Gen-Z music listeners with an even split in gender demographics. EscapeTracks’ audience is highly engaged and socially active, and is considered to be one of the most passionate fan bases of the R&B and Soul genres. The channel’s reach is an element that advertisers can’t find across other mainstream music channels.

Being unapologetic, authentic, and making a commitment to providing a unique viewing experience are vital to building a genuine connection and influence with your fanbase. Angelus, the H3 Podcast, and EscapeTracks create compelling and unique content in their verticals that sets them apart from other channels. Whether it’s embracing a non-binary identity, speaking out in a saturated creator space, or giving new artists a platform to share their music, fans are fully engaged and continue to form an affinity for these types of channels.

Being committed to your fanbase also requires you to be devoted to your strategy, delivering authentic content that resonates with your audiences’ interests. Don’t know where to start? Partner with BBTV to get the support of industry experts to hone in on the qualities that make you unique, helping you build a genuine connection with your fans.

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