How Brands Can Help YouTube Audiences Reach Their New Year’s Resolutions

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By: Justine

October 19, 2021

How Brands Can Help YouTube Audiences Reach Their New Year’s Resolutions

January’s approach reminds us of an exciting new chapter where we can shed our old selves, create a different path and take on challenges in an effort to redefine who we are. While it’s common to poke fun at the “new year, new me” mantra, YouTube’s significant role in helping people plan and follow through with their New Year’s resolutions is no joke. 

From fitness and skill-sharing to education and awareness, the world turns to YouTube for limitless content from creators they can trust. For brands, YouTubers bridge the gap between their products and savvy audiences who are wary of inauthentic messaging around New Year’s resolutions. 

As contextual targeting becomes more popular, consumers are looking to brands that can make real connections with what they’re watching. 

Below, we’re sharing key YouTube content and audience interests around the New Year that can help marketers build better campaigns and meaningful relationships with target audiences. From making more sustainable choices to reupholstering a sofa, BBTV’s Ad Solutions offer brands an opportunity to be an integral part of the everyday consumer’s New Year’s resolutions journey.  

Let’s Get Eco-Friendly: New Year’s Resolutions

In a recent report, Google found that 82% of consumers are more invested in sustainability now than before COVID-19. The report highlights popular search queries around sustainability in the U.S, and actually points to consumers wanting to incorporate simple eco-friendly habits into their daily routines. This includes buying from brands that prioritize their environmental impact and offer a suite of products that help consumers make better decisions around sustainability. 

YouTube is home to eco-friendly creators across verticals who are educating audiences and recommending products that take into account their carbon footprint. Aligning your brand with YouTubers dedicated to sustainability creates organic interest for audiences that are interested in the ethics of the brand as well as their products. 

Brands can benefit from BBTV’s hyper-intelligent targeting capabilities that captivate audiences wherever they’re watching content related to sustainability and eco-friendly habits. Attaching your next campaign to like-minded YouTubers enables a seamless transition from viewer to consumer, especially for audiences who are looking to take action in their daily lives. 

BBTV’s very own Rob Greenfield has carved out an influential space as a climate activist and humanitarian dedicated to leading a more sustainable world. He makes sustainable living a no-brainer no matter where you are in your eco-friendly journey:

Let’s Get Healthy! 

After overdoing it on the holiday treats, many are looking for a healthy start to the New Year. While health and fitness content on YouTube has been a growing trend over the years, the closure of gyms during COVID-19 catapulted this genre into a new level of popularity. Even as gyms reopen, viewership growth across the fitness content still continues to rise, proving that many prefer the intimate feel of guided YouTube classes or tutorials that help them get and stay in shape. 

Take Jordan Yeoh – a fitness guru whose YouTube channel has amassed over 3 million subscribers thanks to his consistent content that makes getting in shape a realistic goal. His easy-to-follow videos have helped fans stay on track and offer fitness education that would come at a hefty price from a personal trainer. As a source of inspiration and positive influence for his viewers, Jordan is the perfect fitness YouTuber to help brands make a deeper connection with their target consumers and their New Year’s resolutions. 

Brands have the unique opportunity during the New Year to not only market to YouTube audiences who are seeking out content that encourages healthy living, but also to become a positive impact on their resolutions. In fact, consumers prefer to be targeted with ads that align with what they’re watching on YouTube. Incorporating consumers’ wants and needs goes beyond contextual targeting, it makes the ad experience more intimate and human. 

Let’s Get Hands-On At Home! 

In true fashion, a new year beckons many to revamp their wardrobe, their hairstyles, and their homes. Many see the quiet days of January as the perfect time to get a headstart on those pesky home projects or much needed upgrades to interior decorating. In fact, 58% of YouTube audiences reported using digital video to learn new skills last year.

BBTV is home to a range of DIY expert YouTubers, including the ultimate DIY home decor channel that will help transform your home into a page from Architectural Digest. HomeMadeModern has reached over 1.5 million subscribers thanks to video how-tos, home inspiration, and tutorials that empower viewers to take up interior design. 

HomeMadeModern is the perfect channel for brand integrations, reviews and collaborations. As a trusted resource to a massive audience, marketers can ensure that their products are front and center in HomeMadeModern’s next project. Work with BBTV’s Ad Sales team across a diverse range of YouTube content just like this one, and captivate your target audience with brand integrations that drive real results. 

Start the new year with positive brand lift by working with BBTV’s Ad Sales team. Tap into the most engaged audiences in the world with BBTV’s exciting roster of YouTubers across top verticals. With contextual targeting capabilities that make your next campaign simple and scalable, BBTV’s Ad Solutions offer your brand unparalleled reach with audiences who are ready to reset in the New Year. By tapping into intelligent audience targeting and the largest library of brand safe YouTubers, your brand could lead the way in 2022. 

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