How Brands Can Impact Students Beyond Back-To-School Season

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

April 25, 2022

How Brands Can Impact Students Beyond Back-To-School Season

Back-to-school season is one of the key shopping tentpoles of the year, second only to Christmas. Parents and students are spending a significant amount of time searching for the right products to get them through the school year. However, back-to-school shoppers face a number of challenges:

  • 39% don’t know what is needed yet
  • 36% are waiting for the best deals
  • 21% of people are spreading out their budget

Back-to-school shopping season is a crucial time for brands, and there is an opportunity for advertisers to engage with families and students during their year-long journey through school. How students live, the products they purchase, and their activities in and outside of the classroom shape their overall experience. With digital video content’s strong influence on Gen Z and Millennials, YouTubers have become essential guides for students navigating everything from study tips and high school hallways to dorm life and social pressures.

Luckily for advertisers looking to make their mark during the upcoming school year, BBTV’s creator network has a vast collection of family, lifestyle, and entertainment YouTubers appealing to every age group heading back to school this September. Keep reading to learn how brands can create engaging and impactful campaigns that speak to the needs of students and their experiences by aligning their campaigns with YouTubers catering to student life.

YouTube’s Influence On Students

Not only are YouTubers influencing families’ purchase decisions, they’re also guiding students throughout their entire in-school experience. Students are looking to their favorite YouTubers and content to step up their daily routines with valuable study habits, skincare, trendy school supplies, affordable outfits or meals, stress management, and activities during their down time.

This marks an opportunity for brands to reach and resonate with families and students throughout their time at school—beyond traditional back-to-school shopping campaigns—by collaborating with their favorite content creators. 

The Generation Z age group has a “specific brand relationship” with YouTube.

Students are increasingly spending more time on YouTube, consuming content that speaks to their daily activities, interests, and studies. In fact, a recent survey found that 85% of U.S. teenagers use YouTube, and 32% say they use the video-sharing platform more often than other social media platforms. Also, 47% of U.S. teens spend three or more hours a day on YouTube.

Why is there such a unique relationship between Gen Z and YouTube? The video platform offers students—and viewers in general—unparalleled access to knowledge, expertise, and answers to their questions. Remember, YouTube videos are easy to follow, digestible, and engaging. Watching their favorite YouTubers recommend products or discuss their own experiences through unboxings, vlogs, or reviews, ultimately influences their purchase decisions.

BBTV’s Brand Safe Solutions For Your Campaigns

Through BBTV’s diverse creator network, your brand campaigns can extend past traditional advertising channels and engage students, families, and consumers during and beyond the back-to-school shopping season with contextual targeting in a brand-safe environment.

Enlisting creators in key verticals for brand integrations puts your products in the spotlight amongst a range of audiences, weaving your products into existing programming or original content that speaks directly to your target’s age, interests and preferences.

BBTV’s proprietary VISO technology and additional vetting process ensures your ad campaigns are placed only against the safest YouTube content. When it comes to developing ad campaigns for younger audiences, BBTV is also compliant with all major data and security bodies, including COPPA and GDPR, to protect the youth from the dynamic nature and unpredictability of online content. Our scalable and trustworthy ad solutions provide authentic activations without any risks or heavy lifting.

Go Beyond Back-To-School Shopping With BBTV’s Creator Network

Big-box stores continue to be the most popular choice for back-to-school shopping. In fact, over 75% of parents are planning to purchase supplies through stores such as Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target—an increase from the previous year.

Advertisers looking to engage this massive chunk of back-to-school shoppers can align their campaigns and promote their products with BBTV’s premium network of family creators. This includes Genevieve’s Playhouse, Family Fun Pack, and the FamousTubeFamily, who together make up for over 40 million subscribers. Brands can reach households across the country and influence their shopping decisions in a genuine and family-friendly way.

Beyond back-to-school shopping, brands can also fuel inspiration for students and influence their lifestyle choices throughout the school year via integrations and collaborations with their favorite creators’ content. Not only does a long-term digital ad campaign targeting students ensure your brand is front of mind in their positive school experiences, it also creates a more authentic brand association by going beyond a popular tentpole.

This could be in the form of: 

Through popular creators producing content around stationary and school supplies, clothing, tech, footwear, textbooks and ebooks, and online courses, your brand can create impactful campaigns that resonate with students looking to stay on trend in and outside of the classroom.

Eating instant ramen, a lack of sleep, and “college outfits” no longer define the average student lifestyle. Now, students are looking to their favorite creators for inspiration on how to enhance their workflow, participate in fun and new experiences, unwind and de-stress, and live a more enjoyable lifestyle while they are in school. 
Connect with BBTV’s Ad Sales team to learn how you can leverage the impact of cross-vertical creators and family-friendly YouTubers to engage millions of parents during the back-to-school shopping season, while making a positive impact on students’ experiences beyond the classroom.

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