How Brands Should Plan Ahead For Black History Month

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By: Justine

September 28, 2022

How Brands Should Plan Ahead For Black History Month

Black History Month continues to be a massive opportunity for brands to reach black consumers and audiences with messaging that not only celebrates them but also speaks directly to their needs and lived experiences. 

However, over the years, month-long tent poles such as Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, and Pride Month have become arenas where the world sees which brands get it and which brands are just slapping a sticker on their logo to show allyship. In fact, the internet loves to troll brands who miss the mark during key tent poles that are meant to reflect and celebrate minorities, diversity, and the challenges these groups continue to experience. We’ve previously shared ways for brands to take part in Black History Month that go beyond lip service and speak directly to minority consumers year long

Delivering Black History Month campaigns that don’t accurately reflect or speak to black consumers can have serious negative implications for brand perception. Beyond brand affinity, 79% of African Americans are more likely to take action after watching an ad they considered to be diverse or inclusive

“How your brand shows up for Black History Month will ultimately affect your bottom line.”

Remove Consumer Skepticism During Black History Month

So how can brands remove consumer skepticism from the equation during culturally specific tentpoles like Black History month? With 79% of multicultural YouTube viewers seeking out content that makes them feel connected to the people with whom they identify, avoid the pitfalls of a cringe ad campaign by aligning your brand with content creators who have already built meaningful relationships with black consumers.

YouTube is the go-to platform for watching authentic content by black consumers in the U.S. Over 50% African Americans are under the age of 35, which means brands should be focusing their efforts on reaching black consumers belonging to the always-online Millennial and Gen Z generations. Today, YouTubers have more of an impact on purchase behavior than traditional celebrities because of their long term investment in connecting with their audiences. This type of connection can’t be replicated but it can be leveraged by like-minded brands looking to appeal to a specific consumer base. 

While February is Black History Month, it’s also home to some of the biggest annual cultural events across major verticals. From the Super Bowl, which just announced Rihanna as its halftime show headliner, to the Grammys, and the NBA All-Star Weekend, the opportunities to cross-target Black History Month with major cultural moments and interests on YouTube will be at an all-time high in 2023.

BBTV is home to over 150 black content creators who collectively reach over 5 million monthly unique views across major verticals including entertainment, sports, beauty & lifestyle, and music. This means that brands looking to make a real impact with black digital audiences get access to a brand safe and premium content library from some of the most influential digital stars in the world. 

Our investment in diversity and representation doesn’t stop at our creator network. BBTV’s Voices Of Color program supports BIPOC creators and minority-owned businesses by creating opportunities that allow them to thrive and secure more deals with like-minded brands. Below, we’re sharing just a sample of the black creators in our network whose content and bright personalities have amassed them highly engaged fanbases.

Black History Month Feature


T-Pain is known as one of the best artists emerging from the early 2000s era of hip hop and r&b, but what most people don’t know about him is that he is a huge gamer. T-Pain has become a force on YouTube with tons of trending content and sharing his love for gaming with a whole new generation of fans. 

Vickey Cathey

A shining light for Black women everywhere. Vickey’s videos are a comedic delight thanks to some creative editing that allows her personality to shine through and her jokes to truly land. Vickey’s videos are a perfect pairing for beauty and lifestyle brands looking to cater to black women.


ImStillDontai is the quintessential YouTuber for Millenial and Gen Z audiences. Grounded in reaction content, ImStillDontai has a wildly engaged fanbase that is always locked in for his next upload. A bit edgier than others, ImDontai is the perfect example of what young black audiences interested in pop culture and gaming are looking for on YouTube. 

With February 2023 not too far off, now is the time to plan your digital ad campaigns for Black History Month. Celebrating Black History Month with a relevant targeted ad campaign doesn’t mean just reaching black consumers, it means resonating with black audiences. With BBTV, your campaign can make a deeper impact by aligning your brand with the content creators black audiences already know and love. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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