Self-Care Content That is Captivating Audiences Everywhere

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By: Anastasia Gassieva

April 12, 2022

Self-Care Content That is Captivating Audiences Everywhere

Self-care is a holistic process that we all need in order to foster presence, engagement, wellness, and self-love.”

Self-care content has become one of the biggest and most popular trends to emerge in the last few years. From meditation and physical fitness to skin-care routines and makeup tips, creators are sharing the best ways to enhance your mental wellness and live a healthy lifestyle; a trend that continues to pull in viewers and the attention of brands.

Creators and brands are reaping the benefits of creating self-care content: the self-care industry is projected to have an ad value of $13 billion by 2026, and continues to be the fastest growing consumer trend. Nearly nine out of 10 Americans (88% percent approximately) actively practice self-care, and one-third of consumers have increased their self-care behavior during the past year. So, yes, it’s more than just avocado toast and an iced coffee in the morning.

As self-care becomes one of the leading forces in digital content, we’ve curated a list highlighting six of the most recent and most popular self-care trends that creators and brands should consider incorporating into their content strategies. Leverage these trends to reach millions of viewers who are actively looking to improve their health and lifestyle choices with the help of their favorite creators and the products they use. 

#GRWM, “Get Ready With Me”

So many acronyms, so little time. #GRWM, or “Get Ready With Me”, is a trend commonly used on social media as of late. #GRWM allows viewers to get a sneak peek into their favorite creator’s nighttime routine, pre-travel routine, workout routine, and more. The world is your oyster; the #GRWM trends allows you to share your routine, giving you complete control over how you want to document and visualize your process. This trend fits flawlessly with brand partnerships and sponsored content thanks to the power creators hold in their audience’s purchase decisions. #GRWM content is primed for brand integrations since audiences are watching this content with the intent to replicate their favorite influencers’ routines using the same products.

Whether it’s the process of choosing your workday ensemble or a nighttime skin-care regimen, #GRWM videos are both engaging and convenient forms of content that viewers turn to for inspiration.

Daily Vlogs + Self-Care Routines

The daily vlog has transformed over the last few years, moving from the unfiltered and raw approach to highly stylized videos with an emphasis on aesthetics. Creators everywhere are sharing their routines, from the moment they get out of bed in the morning to their nighttime ritual. Some “days in the life” for creators are simple and easy to follow, while other creators live superstar lifestyles—they all share one common element, however, and that’s the emotion and encouragement they elicit through their videos. What they eat, their skin-care routine, workout sessions, how they travel from place to place, activities or hobbies they participate in; all of these things are featured, giving viewers some inspiration on how to make use of their time more effectively and live life more purposefully.

That Girl Self-Care Aesthetic

The “That Girl” aesthetic has been circulating the #fyp, and has risen in popularity on and off social platforms in the last year. Don’t know what “That Girl” consists of? Let’s paint you a picture: she meditates, drinks matcha, listens to self-help podcasts and gets a minimum of 10K steps daily. The whole concept behind “That Girl” celebrates women that put an emphasis on bettering their lifestyle. 

The trend continues to grow and spread; the hashtag alone has over 3.6 billion views on TikTok. So, film your favorite cup of coffee, your gym fit, or your at-home spa day, and use the hashtag #thatgirl to connect with like-minded creators and audiences looking for ways to improve their self-care and confidence.

Night Luxe 

A new trending hashtag, #NightLuxe, has been rising in popularity showcasing the reopening of nightclubs, restaurants, bars, local events, and live music performances. This trend consists of sparkly shoes, glamorous cocktails, decadent appetizers, and all the vibes the city has to offer with the reopening of night life around the world. #NightLuxe opens the door to a fun party lifestyle filled with black mini dresses and caviar! What big, city adventure are you taking on next? Fans are captivated by this content because they’re always on the lookout for local spots to have a good time.

Clean Makeup 

Makeup trends live and die on TikTok! One viral video can disrupt the entirety of the beauty industry, shape sales, and ultimately how we use products. A new beauty and makeup trend has emerged and thankfully, it’s cost effective. The “clean-girl” trend is making a lasting impact with makeup gurus and audiences across social media. This aesthetic is a simple, fresh and effortless makeup look that amplifies your natural glow and beauty. BBTV’s social media experts are predicting a major shift in makeup looks as we hit the summer season; the clean, natural but glossy look compliments other seasonal trends such as slicked back hair, glowing skin and gelled eyebrows.

Festival Fashion 

We can say with complete confidence that Vanessa Hudgens is somewhere screaming with joy that Coachella is back in 2022! With festival season right around the corner and the summer heat fast approaching, this means Coachella outfits are of the utmost importance. Creators everywhere are sharing their outfit details and theme predictions of what to expect for upcoming music festivals. So, whether you’re attending Coachella, watching a live stream, or preparing for an upcoming music festival, audiences are looking to this trend to influence their style choices for the warmer months. You’ll also alleviate some of the stress that comes with traveling and preparing for big events!

From Western Style to Y2K aesthetics, check out ‘Coachella 2022 Outfits’ on TikTok for some inspiration! Lots of creators are creating content around sustainable fashion and DIY ideas, helping you save money and make a positive impact towards our planet.

Incorporate any of these popular self-care content trends into your strategy to reach and engage millions of viewers looking to improve their overall health and wellness. It’s an inspiring, impactful, and authentic form of content that has influenced creators and viewers to prioritize their well-being, transforming our definition of ‘living a good life.’

Looking to expand your content and document your new, life-changing habits? Connect with BBTV to work with industry experts and our dedicated Channel Growth team to help you expand and create impactful content that’ll inspire your audience to live a better, more fulfilling life.

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