Why A Media Kit is Your Secret Weapon for Landing Brand Partnerships

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By: Justine

September 23, 2020

Why A Media Kit is Your Secret Weapon for Landing Brand Partnerships

The influx of influencers as the face of a brand or its products is serious business, which is why it’s essential for creators to be equipped with their own media kit when looking for their next branded opportunity. 

Why Should You Have a Media Kit?

Brands have been increasingly doubling down on influencers and creators as their ambassadors. According to a 2019 report by Edelman, 63% of consumers between 18 and 34 years old “trust what influencers say about brands much more than what brands say about themselves in their advertising.”

A media kit is a great promotional tool highlighting your personal brand, your content, and the influence you have with a specific audience. It normally includes your key platform stats, past brand activations, and the priced services you offer.

We met up with one of our Key Accounts Managers, Alexandra French, to share her thoughts on why creators should have a media kit in their toolbox. 

It’s never too early to create a media kit

Alexandra says, setting yourself up for brand deals is “definitely not based on numbers. If your audience is interacting and engaging with you, it means they want to hear more on what you like, and what you’re promoting. It is also definitely a telltale sign if brands are already starting to reach out to you.” 

Many brands target micro-influencers as they are a lot more in touch with their audiences. 

Creating a media kit early on can also help you keep tabs on your own value to brands and advertisers, which you can also weave into your content strategy. Are you good at getting your followers passionate about topics related to your vertical? Highlight it in your media kit and keep it up as a key part of your value to brands.

Set yourself apart from the crowd

Personal Brand, influencers, social media

Brands get tons of reach-outs from influencers, agencies, and managers daily. Alexandra cautions: “if you are not prepared with upfront information it could easily cause them to overlook you. Brands will be asking for this information at some point within the conversation, so to save time and increase your chances of a reply it’s best to lead with a media kit”.

This means having your information relatively up to date at all times. Try to make it a monthly process to go in and update your media kit with your most relevant information, as yours can really stand out when compared to others who might only update theirs once a year.

What to include in your media kit

Alexandra suggests that you should “definitely include all of your audience analytics as well as your averages” (average views per video, average views on Instagram stories, average likes per post, etc.).”

Be completely transparent with brands, withholding information will only send red flags their way and give them a reason to not work with you. 

Alexandra’s last tip? “It’s not necessary to include your pricing in media kits. Each brand and integration is unique so it is important to listen to what the brand is looking for and what their expectations are of you before sending them a price.”

BBTV offers eligible partners in our creator network media kit services, however if you’re making your own, be sure to keep it consistent with your personal brand and content. A media kit is your secret weapon to stand out from the crowd, and having one shows brands you understand the worth of your amazing content. 

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