Why Brands Should Partner with BBTV for Hispanic Heritage Month

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

June 21, 2021

Why Brands Should Partner with BBTV for Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15th to October 15th, the United States will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans on the country’s rich history and culture.

With Hispanic Americans consuming video content via YouTube more than any cable network in the U.S, brands have a unique opportunity to incorporate Hispanic Heritage Month into their video advertising strategies next quarter. A deep and rich culture paralleled with diverse perspectives makes the Hispanic community not only highly engaged audiences but also some of the most successful creators on YouTube right now.

In this article, we’ll explore how brands can amplify the voices of BBTV’s extensive network of Hispanic creators, musicians, and artists, while reaching Hispanic audiences through meaningful and engaging content.

How Hispanic Audiences Are Consuming YouTube Content

The Hispanic population is the largest ethnic minority group in the U.S. with over 61 million people. In fact, the population has doubled in size since 2000, increasingly becoming younger and more tech savvy.

41% of monthly YouTube users in the U.S. are ethnically diverse with Hispanic Americans comprising the largest proportion, indicating the opportunity for advertisers to reach Hispanic audiences through influential video content. 

As a main source of entertainment, 75% of Hispanic Americans lean to YouTube first to learn about a new product or service, which ultimately influences the demographic’s purchase decisions.

Ultimately, this data highlights the Hispanic community as a vital aspect of YouTube’s ecosystem across creators, audiences and advertisers. Brands looking to make an impact with Hispanic audiences should do so through the Hispanic YouTubers who have already established themselves as entertainers and influencers in their community. 

Connect With Hispanic Audiences On YouTube With BBTV

A collection of influential names such as Lyna Vlogs, Fernanfloo, Killadamente, and Mikecrack in our creator network makes BBTV the best way for marketers to reach Hispanic audiences on YouTube. This network of creators reaches hundreds of millions of viewers collectively on YouTube, highlighting the unique and immense incentive for brands to diversify their ad strategy and authentically reach new audiences.

Brands have benefited greatly from multicultural advertising strategies that include authentic elements of Hispanic culture in video campaigns and ad placements.

In fact, 43% of Hispanic millennials feel more favourably about brands that include aspects of Hispanic culture in their advertising when making digital purchases. 

This emphasizes the potential for brands to integrate into Hispanic audience’s viewing trends, amplifying the voices and reach of influential Hispanic creators that have an established connection to these viewers.

Advertisers can connect with Hispanic viewers alongside BBTV’s creators by co-creating original, custom content, or seamlessly and authentically integrating their brand into existing programming.

Each creator and their content has also been verified to ensure ads are aligned only with brand-safe content. This is accomplished with BBTV’s proprietary VISO technology, shielding brand campaigns from unauthorized environments and explicit content to help advertisers feel extra secure, and maximize potential reach and performance.

Partner With BBTV’s Voices of Color Program for Hispanic Heritage Month

Socially conscious brands can align themselves with BBTV’s Voices of Color (VoC) program for  Hispanic Heritage Month. For over 16 years, BBTV has helped diverse creators connect with local and global audiences by featuring them in media and branded content campaigns.

Brands can work together with Hispanic creators actively and authentically through VoC to focus on the most relevant and engaged audiences ahead of Hispanic Heritage Month.

In a continuous effort to promote diversity and inclusiveness, BBTV offers the tools and resources for Hispanic creators to succeed in their digital video strategies, and obtain meaningful partnerships with brands. Likewise, BBTV is providing brands with the opportunity to drive their video advertising strategies forward, while showing their support in celebrating the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans.

Align your brand with BBTV to reach new and diverse audiences, and elevate the remarkable voices of our talent, creators, and artists through culturally-significant tentpoles such as Hispanic Heritage Month.

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