Why Brands Should Partner With YouTubers For Halloween Content

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By: Justine

July 20, 2021

Why Brands Should Partner With YouTubers For Halloween Content

While most of us have our sights set on the beach right now, marketers are already looking ahead to Fall’s biggest tent poles. Halloween feels lightyears away but in reality, brands and advertisers looking to make a significant impact this Fall should be zeroed in on the spooky season right now.

Last year, Halloween celebrations were modest due to the global pandemic and subsequent social distancing orders. With the reopening of entertainment venues and a return to a new normal taking place this Summer and Fall, Halloween 2021 is set to be bigger and better across the U.S.

Audiences are tuned into YouTube more than ever before, and Halloween content offers marketers an exciting opportunity to align their brands with the one of the most widespread social and cultural events taking place post pandemic. 

Below, we’re highlighting a few key ways marketers can work with YouTubers to ensure their brands are front and center in the most influential YouTube content during the highly anticipated return of Halloween this year. 

But first, why YouTube?

From Gen Z to Millennial viewers, YouTube continues to be the go-to destination for the majority of audiences. Although we’ve witnessed an influx of new streaming platforms over the past year, a new study by Hub Research Insights reveals that consumers are more than willing to watch ads in exchange for content. The Trade Desk further explains findings in Hub’s report that show “under the right circumstances, viewers do engage with ads and often find value in them.”

Paired with the steady increase in CTV usage and it’s significant effect of driving YouTube viewership on TV screens, marketers are primed for reaching more of their target audience through YouTube content than ever before. 

In fact, Hub Research Insights’ report shows that 67 percent of viewers in the study said they would choose ad-supported TV over an ad-free subscription. 

YouTube’s success in the world of digital content hasn’t been diluted with the onset of new streaming and AVOD platforms. If anything, consumers are craving more content and are interacting positively with brands that support their need to be entertained, inspired, and informed. 

Halloween YouTube Content – A Marketer’s Dream

So how can you be that unique brand that offers up a positive experience for your target consumer base? 

Brands that align their campaigns with YouTubers, who have already established themselves as a person of influence with their fans, have the best chance of making a lasting and positive impact with their target audience. 

But don’t just take our word for it. A recent study conducted by Troot and OMD shows that a staggering 85% of respondents between the ages of 15-35 regard paid collaborations on YouTube, Instagram, and blogs with a positive or neutral attitude.

Considering that U.S spending related to Hallowen costumes, decorations, candy and other popular items is a billion dollar industry, YouTube influencer marketing is a surefire way to ensure your brand is top of mind for your target audience this October. 

Halloween Inspiration from BBTV’s Beauty YouTubers

A mainstay in the lead-up to Halloween are the costume hauls and makeup tutorials that flood YouTube’s trending page. BBTV is home to some of the most talented and popular beauty and fashion influencers on YouTube who always create high quality Halloween tutorials and vlogs. 

With established fan bases tuning in daily for inspiration, our network of beauty and style creators help sway the purchase decisions of their followers thanks to authentic content and a built-in trust with their fan community established over time. 

Brands have been partnering with beauty and fashion YouTubers for years – a collaboration with relatively low lift for marketers while providing high conversion rates.

BBTV creator and drag queen extraordinaire Willam Belli’s jaw-dropping transformations like this one ahead of the Halloween season and itslikelymakeup’s tutorial for an Edward Scissorhands costume, are just two of BBTV’s creators leading the way in Halloween beauty inspiration. 

A Family Friendly Halloween

One of the most appealing things about Halloween for marketers is its relevance across demographics. With one of the leading Kids and Family verticals, BBTV is home to highly influential family-friendly channels that appeal to both children and their parents. 

Stay-at-home mom Love Meg pulls out all the stops with her yearly Halloween decor video. Brands can easily align their products with Love Meg’s content that is brand safe and inspiring for parents looking to make the Halloween season a memorable experience for their children. 

YouTube superstars, Family Fun Pack, shared a long format vlog capturing the excitement of Halloween with their six children and garnered over 7 millions views! This type of content is perfect for brands looking to reach their audience in authentic and meaningful ways. Vlogs are popular with YouTube audiences and the unfiltered experience feels like an exclusive look into everyone’s favorite YouTube family. Even more, brand integrations feel natural and unforced, especially as we see the family interact authentically with featured products and merchandise. 

BBTV is also home to original animated kids and family content from our HooplaKidz brand. Brands looking to land a more integrated, custom brand experience can partner with us to explore creating animations across multiple languages into Halloween-themed stories geared to young children and their parents. With multiple series that encourage learning, fun recipes, and entertainment, marketers could benefit from a positive branded custom content or integration experienced by parents. For more information on how to get your brand integrated into our claymation, live-action how-to videos, and/or animated kids and family content, contact BBTV’s Ad Solutions team.

Halloween 2021 is set to have an exciting return, with an October lead-up of YouTube content ripe for branded integrations. As YouTubers continue to lead the way in influencing consumer purchase decisions, marketers should consider Halloween a top priority for their Fall campaigns. BBTV’s creator network is a leader across top verticals from beauty and fashion to kids and family entertainment, reaching diverse audiences around the world. Find out how your Halloween campaign can make the biggest impact with BBTV’s Ad Solutions team

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