Your Guide To The Top Trending Content From April 2022

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By: Anastasia Gassieva

May 2, 2022

Your Guide To The Top Trending Content From April 2022

Creators who incorporate top trending pop culture moments and viral themes into their content are experiencing high viewership and engagement. From Jack Harlow’s hit tune “First Class” and Miranda Cosgrove’s top-secret spill, we’re sharing the top content trends from each vertical from the last 30 days to help you stay relevant on social media and YouTube!

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We would have given our left kidney to be singing in the crowd last month at Coachella Valley Music Festival! With fan favorites lined up to perform, audiences were sharing, commenting, and posting their experience online! With some of the most talked-about performances, including the eccentric Harry Styles sharing the stage with the one and only Shania Twain, it’s safe to say we had a serious case of FOMO! Want to see more of the action? Head on over to the Coachella recap on TikTok!


Gen-Zs everywhere can still hear iconic supermodel Tyra Banks’ legendary quote “Wanna be on top?” Before TikTok, we had to count on the hit tv series “America’s Next Top Model” to source inspiration for modeling poses. Thankfully for the FYP, we can access a ton of ideas of how to pose by our favorite creators. Needing some inspiration for your next shoot? Visit the trend online! 


Oscar Isaac is the Marvel hero we didn’t know we needed 

We can’t deny the dynamism of Oscar Isaac’s acting and the versatility we see in every one of his roles. *Cough* Not to mention he is a complete and total hunk *cough*. Now, we’re experiencing Oscar Isaac’s takeover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his hit show, Moon Knight.  The show is getting great reviews for deviating from the classic superhero story and shedding light on how we work through internal conflicts.  Check it out on Disney Plus now! 

“I’m sorry, not everyone fits in the bad b**** genre – it’s a genre, not everybody fits on the roster”

This sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s because it’s going viral on TikTok! Originally posted by creator @savannahhannah_, you’d think this iconic quote was from your favorite feel-good movie. Are you loving your outfit? Is your make-up bomb? Are you feeling like a badass, today? Try adding this trending sound to your next post with your own personal spin! It’s true, not everybody can fit on the RAHSTA!


Elden Ring Continues To Thrive Online

#EldenRing is one of the most popular video games to date, with the action-adventure RPG going all in on the phrase, “thrown into the deep end.” Gamers creating content around helpful tips, playthroughs, top loot locations, and boss battles have been beneficiaries of millions of Elden Ring fans and players searching for help in their own gameplay.

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO® Star Wars is back, and it’s been one of the most surprising and trending games of 2022 thus far! From the story, player customization, unlockables, level design, to gameplay, this edition is being heralded as one of the best. Gamers across TikTok and YouTube are sharing all the secrets such as free unlockable characters and Easter eggs, amassing a significant jump in viewership and engagement.


Same Girl, Different Mindset

Picture this: not too long ago, you enjoyed your daily avocado toasts, $6 coffees, drinks and meals every night, and a whole weekend in nightclubs. You look back and reflect on your life, and realize that a change is needed. The Same Girl, Different Mindset Audio Transition highlights a major shift in your life, going from the party girl to the hard-working, organized, and empowered woman chasing her goals. This has inspired female creators on TikTok to pivot, starting another viral movement for women to take charge of their lives.

The 2022 NBA Playoffs

The #NBAPlayoffs are trending again, and for good reason! We’re back in the postseason of NBA basketball, and the games have been electrifying. We’re seeing big-time plays, shots, dunks, blocks, assists, and highlights across the association from the biggest stars. Incorporate the NBA Playoffs and trending highlights in your content throughout the coming weeks from commentary and analysis to reactions and predictions, and you’ll see a boost in basketball fans watching your content!


Put the “U-S” in First Class, Jack! 

TikTok is THE platform for musicians’ new music to go viral. Lucky for Jack Harlow, this isn’t the first time his hit tunes have reached a massive audience across the FYP. The single “First Class” samples the sexy and seductive chorus from Fergie’s 2006 iconic hit “Glamorous”.  Referencing the memorable ‘G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S’ lifestyle that artists and musicians live, Jack Harlow’s latest hit has captured the attention of thousands of creators and has been featured in over 529.4K TikTok videos! Share your glamorous lifestyle with this catchy bop. 

“I actually do cuss a little”

Whitney Cummings’s ‘Good For You’ podcast hosted a very special guest this month, and it was none other than Miranda Cosgrove, aka ICarly. A clip from the interview has made its way to the FYP and has been circulating for the last few weeks. If you haven’t scrolled past a video captioned “What’s Your Favorite Curse Word?” I would say you are lying. The DJ/Producer duo, Duke & Jones, specializes in blending together hip-hop, trap, house, and electronic seamlessly. It’s safe to say they have established themselves as forward-thinkers in the music business, and are quickly growing their reach through TikTok’s FYP. Duke & Jones’s twist on the hilarious interview has over 481K TikTok videos. Trust us when we say it’s addictive to watch. Connecting relevant pop culture moments and trending content with soothing tunes hits the right note with creators everywhere. 


You Gotta Strut!

Nothing says confidence like a solid model walk! If we learned anything from Derek Zoolander, it’s “there is more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking!” And we live by that! So take that Hansel confidence and start strutting next time you’re on the treadmill! Not only will it add a boost of energy to your workout, but you’re guaranteed to feel like a rockstar! Just check out these creators on TikTok who are strutting their stuff


This is a prank you’re going to want to get behind. The #sameshirt trend on TikTok has us bursting into laughter with each new video. Get you and your friends in on the hilarious joke by dressing each of your partners with the exact same shirt! The reactions are absolutely priceless and are guaranteed to get you trending on the FYP! Check out these videos for some inspiration on how you can prank your pals! 

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