Your Guide To The Top Trending Content From March 2022

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By: Anastasia Gassieva

March 30, 2022

Your Guide To The Top Trending Content From March 2022

From Mimi Cave’s wickedly funny, cannibal romance/thriller, Fresh, to Emma Chamberlain taking an LOA, it’s safe to say a lot has happened over the last 30 days! We’ve compiled a list of the newest, most engaging and popular content trends to help you plan your strategy for the next 30 days and captivate new audiences everywhere.

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The Chokehold Matilda Djerf Has On This Generation is Unparalleled 

Sit down and pull up a chair, we need to talk about Matilda Djerf’s hair. It’s no doubt that this creator has made a massive impact with her lifestyle content, iconic capsule wardrobe, and her stunning online aesthetic. Now, we need to add a new obsession to the list—her hair. Her long blond waves and face-framed bangs have made a big statement with the TikTok community. Using premium products such as the Dyson airdrop—alongside a number of other signature items—to get her classic style of big, bold, and voluminous waves have taken the ‘For You Page’ by storm. Using popular trends such as “the girls that get it, get it, and the girls that don’t, don’t” audio to recreate Matilda’s hairstyle will leave your audience in tears.

Big Bird Who?

Bestie, feathers are in! TikTok has put its stamp of approval on adding feathers to your wardrobe. In fact, this flamboyant and aesthetic accent has been trending and elevating a lot of different looks. You are bound to turn heads if you add elements of feathers to your personal style. Step out of your comfort zone and add this blooming and show-stopping statement piece to your outfit.


“I’m going to tell you, but you’re going to freak out.” – Steve 

The movie everyone is talking about has dominated TikTok’s FYP! Fresh is a highly-anticipated horror film about a woman trying to meet a man the old-fashioned way, but ends up being her worst nightmare. If you thought you had a bad dating experience, think again. A clip from the film has been circulating across the internet of the two co-stars, Daisy Edgar Jones and Sebastian Stan, dancing in the living room in a cool and effortless fashion. A trend has taken form from this scene, with a variety of creators replicating the dance with Demi Lovato’s “Cool For The Summer” play in the background. Throw on those dancing shoes and groove to this eerie thriller viral trend for your next post.

YouTube’s Crowned Jewel is Taking a Hiatus

Emma Chamberlain, a fan favorite on YouTube, announced that she will be taking a break from posting content on her channel. Emma has amassed millions of fans by captivating viewers with her unique lifestyle, openly sharing her interests from spending time with friends and traveling to trying different cuisines. This hiatus, however, doesn’t come as a shock, as Emma has been very transparent with her fans, stating “I need to take my own advice on taking a break when it’s needed.” 

This might be a sign for you to take a deep breath and recharge from the online world. 


Elden Ring – Gameplay, Secrets, & Exploration Tips

Elden Ring is the new phenomenon that has been dominating the gaming industry’s headlines. The new adventure RPG has been a massive hit with gamers thanks to open customization, player creation, the ability to explore a vast world, and carry out tasks and missions to level up within the game.

Creators are sharing secrets they’ve uncovered, pointing out hidden loot, and showcasing their gameplay; gamers are looking to these forms of helpful content online to discover new things and get the most out of this new fan-favorite.

WWE 2K22!

WWE 2K22 has received a very positive response from gamers, and the latest addition to the franchise has been the talk of the town with exciting new updates. In fact, it’s been labeled a leap forward in comparison to 2K20 thanks to faster action, a friendly pick-up-and-play experience, and over 160 wrestlers from Hall of Famers to NXT rising stars. 

Gamers and WWE fans are sharing their most explosive, “OMG” moments from their gameplay, and are seeing a significant uptick in their engagement!


How To React To People Blocking Your Camera At The Gym

Gym culture has had a few misconceptions regarding its environment, the personalities, and “proper gym etiquette.” Unfortunately, some of these things are true, with some gym-goers showing the ugly side of the iron life with their petty reactions, filming others doing exercises incorrectly, or poking fun at those trying to improve their health.

Now, creators and gym influencers are trying to build a more positive image, sharing their interactions with gym-goers and how they should react during awkward or inconvenient scenarios. Support the movement for a more inclusive environment, and you can inspire someone to take the step towards fitness and improving their health and lifestyle.

NBA-Related Skits & Spoofs

The NBA has some of the most entertaining moments caught on live television from wild styles and funny mishaps to on-court quarrels. Now, creators are taking those hilarious moments and recreating them with a little bit of spice; they’re seeing significant engagement on their content, with reactions from NBA players themselves!


“Butterfly in the Sky, I Can Go Twice as High”

The latest—and one of the strangest—songs, “Reading Rainbow Theme Song”, has gone viral on TikTok with over 348.7K videos using the popular sound. This trending sound is used to highlight personal situations that seem impossible to tackle. Add the space filter to the trending audio track, and you should see an uptick in views and engagement. The “butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high” tune is even catching the attention of Riverdale’s teens; Veronica and Betty scored over 4.3 million likes on one of their recent TikToks.

“I’m Just Thinkin’ With My”

Good things come to those who wait! This statement holds true for Kevin Gates, whose song has recently landed on the Billboard Hot 100 list! “Thinking With My D***” featuring Juicy J has been blowing up the charts over the last few weeks, a result of going viral on TikTok. It all started with a random spectator rapping to the song at Mardi Gras. Now, the trending song has been integrated in over 560K videos, with the original video alone amassing over 19.4 Million views!


“Y’all Were Raised By” 

Have you tried the “Y’all Were Raised By” TikTok challenge yet? This trend has been circulating the FYP for the last few weeks and we are absolutely loving them! The “Y’all Were Raised By” challenge allows users to share a clip of themselves alongside a video or image of their parents when they were their age. It’s heartwarming to see the similarities and differences between the parents and their children.

“My Boyfriend is an iPad Kid”

Picture it! You’re in a relationship. Months have passed and you’ve fallen deeply in love. Eventually, the truth comes out and you discover that they are in fact an “iPad kid.” This trend has been circulating the internet since the beginning of March, and has over 14.3 million views on TikTok. Pay attention the next time you have a meal with your significant other to see if they’re an iPad kid! 

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