BBTV Founder & CEO Sharzad Rafati

Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV Corp. Named CanadianSME Magazine’s Business Woman of the Year

The awards recognize and applaud the contributions of business owners to Canada’s economy.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Vancouver, B.C.: BroadbandTV Corp. (BBTV), an enabling platform for content owners that is advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management and monetization of content is pleased to announce Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO, BBTV has been named CanadianSME Magazine’s Business Woman of the Year in recognition of her outstanding strength, business savvy, innovation, and success in the media and technology industry.

When Shahrzad started BroadbandTV in 2005, the company was one of the pioneers that was defining and advancing the media tech space, empowering a new generation of storytellers and transforming entertainment and the ways that content was being produced and consumed. BBTV has now grown into a leading media tech company that is advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management and monetization of content, through a broad range of monetization streams across advertising video on demand, subscription video on demand, SaaS and content management, mobile apps and e-commerce. The whole business is powered through proprietary technology solutions, and Shahrzad’s vision to build a truly connected ecosystem where one revenue stream powers another, is a reality.

"While we feel we are just getting started, this recognition is truly reflective of the amazing work done by the whole BBTV team", comments Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV. "BBTV has become a truly global media powerhouse, generating tens of billions of monthly views across 587 million unique viewers, positioning us as the world’s second largest video property in unique viewership after Google*. We are also extremely proud of the fact that we have built a truly quadruple bottom line business with strong financial performance and a 0% gender pay gap."

A known thought leader in the fields of entrepreneurship and technology enabled media, Shahrzad has been broadly recognized for her contributions to the media and technology industry. Shahrzad is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades including 2018 Ernst and Young’s Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year (Technology), Canada’s Top 40 under 40 in 2017, Canada’s Top 150 Women in 2017, and was Canada’s representative on the Business Women Leaders’ Taskforce at the G20 Summit in 2018.

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About BBTV

BroadbandTV (BBTV) is a media-tech company that is advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management and monetization of content. BBTV generates tens of billions of monthly impressions, and as of June it achieved 587 million unique viewers which consume 46.9 billion minutes of video content per month. BBTV is the second largest video property across the top 12 countries of the world in terms of unique viewers following only Google as of Feb 2019. BBTV provides end to end management, distribution and monetization solutions to content owners around the globe by providing innovative technology and leading services. BBTV has built proprietary VISO technologies leveraging machine learning, digital signal processing, and big data to power its ecosystem.

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