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BroadbandTV Corp. Signs Matt Stonie, Jesse Wellens, Crainer, Cole Walliser, mrfreshasian, Mully, Josh Neuman, and Ricky Berwick

BBTV Adds Major Content Partners to its Leading Creator Network.

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Vancouver, B.C.: Today, BroadbandTV (BBTV), an enabling platform for content owners that is advancing the world through the distribution, management and monetization of content, announces the signing of eight major content partners. The partners span multiple content verticals including entertainment, gaming, comedy, and sports, as the company continues to expand its roster of premium content, and deepening its best-in-class solutions.

BBTV is excited to have renowned American competitive eater, Matt Stonie (51M Monthly Views, 11M Subs), join the company’s leading network. He is the number three ranked competitive eater in Major League Eating, holding 14 major competitive eating records, and is known for winning the 2015 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, dethroning 8-time defending champion Joey Chestnut that year. Matt’s YouTube channel documents his eating feats ranging from eating enormous amounts of food to speed eating. Matt has also partnered with brands such as Honey and Dollar Shave Club. He is exclusively managed by Night Media.

The new partner signings include Jesse Wellens (6.2M Monthly Views, 10.6M Subs). Jesse got his start more than 10 years ago on the platform and has amassed billions of views on his prank videos. His video Spider-Man in Real Life stunt, which has garnered more than 21M views on YouTube, is one of Jesse’s most popular videos. Nowadays, Jesse produces short films and is celebrated for his cinematography and editing chops which has earned him a director role for two Snoop Dogg music videos.

Crainer (44.5M Monthly Views, 5.8M Subs), mrfreshasian (40M Monthly Views, 3.7M Subs) and Mully (37.97M Monthly Views, 2.7M Subs) join BBTV’s growing roster of massive gamer personalities. Danish native Crainer has been creating gaming videos for over five years, predominantly focusing on Minecraft content, he is represented by OP Talent. mrfreshasian is currently the most-watched Twitch streamer in Australia, with an average concurrent viewership of 6,000. Passing one million subscribers within 45 days of starting his YouTube channel, mrfreshasian is one of the fastest growing creators on the platform in addition to being a competitive Fortnite. Mully only began his YouTube career in April 2019 and has already surpassed one million subscribers. Creating unique, engaging VR-based comedy to mass audiences, he continues to grow at an exponential rate with a combined viewership bringing the forefront of VR entertainment to more audiences. mrfreshasian and Mully are both represented by Click Management.

Rounding out BBTV’s new signings are Cole Walliser (4M Monthly Views; 119K Subs), known for directing the GLAMbot, as seen at the Golden Globes, along with Katy Perry, P!nk, and Miley Cyrus music videos, Extreme sports athlete Josh Neuman (9.2M Monthly Views, 645K Subs), and Canadian Comedian Ricky Berwick (7M Monthly Views, 1.89M Subs). Cole is represented by Viral Nation, and Ricky is managed by LFM Management.

“The pandemic has further accelerated digital video consumption, and BBTV’s viewership has reached record levels with growth across all demographics. We continue to deliver premium value to a dynamic range of content owners with engaged audiences, and our partners benefit from BBTV’s highly connected ecosystem,” comments Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV Corp. “We remain fully committed to providing all content partners, including these new signings, with a broad range of leading services, technology, and distribution and monetization expansion opportunities, propelling them to success.”

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