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BroadbandTV Corp Unveils Voices of Color Program For Socially Conscious Brands and Advertisers

BBTV Targets Brands and Advertisers Looking to Support its Creators of Color and reach Multicultural Consumers.

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Vancouver, B.C.: BroadbandTV Corp. (BBTV), an enabling platform for content owners that is advancing the world through the management, distribution, and monetization of content, announces its socially-conscious program, Voices of Color. The program will target brands and advertisers looking to support BBTV's creators of color while tapping into multicultural consumers.

According to Google research*, people are more likely to consider or purchase products after seeing ads they believe are inclusive or diverse. On average, 64% of consumers have taken action after seeing an ad they consider to be diverse, and this percentage is even higher with minority groups; Latinx+ (85%), Black (79%), Asian/Pacific Islander (79%), an average of 82%. Authenticity is also a major issue, with 66% of African Americans commenting that their ethnic identity is often portrayed stereotypically in media, films and ads.

BBTV recognizes the demand for increased and fair representation of underrepresented groups in media and entertainment. In line with its long-standing values and reputation of promoting equality of all forms, BBTV will work to enhance and promote Black, Asian, and Hispanic creators' voices and will continue to expand the program to embrace all under-represented BIPOC creators.

BBTV will be working with socially conscious brands and placing their advertisements against BBTV’s content creators of colour. These advertisements include reach media campaigns, as well as branded content campaigns, allowing brands to reach multicultural consumers from BBTV’s audience of 33 million monthly uniques in the U.S**.

“We have a firm commitment to equality in all forms and Voices of Color is a natural progression for our company. BBTV is a truly quadruple bottom line business, we measure our success by our impact on our people, the environment, communities, and financials,” comments Doug Johnson, VP Brand Partnerships & Ad Sales, BBTV. “We have over fifteen years of multi-platform expertise and we know that viewers crave authentic, non-biased content and want to hear the voices of diverse creators. We elevate creators' voices and unique storytelling so that audiences can see themselves reflected in our content, and marketers can develop meaningful relationships through our audience.”

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*Source: Google/Ipsos, U.S., Inclusive Marketing Study, n of 2,987 U.S. consumers ages 13–54 who access the internet at least monthly, Aug. 2019.

**Source: Google Ad Manager, August 2020.

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