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BBTV Signs New Contracts with Top Entertainment and Sports Influencers

Content Creator Partner Signings Include JackSucksAtLife, Clepton, Jordan Yeoh Fitness, and D’Vontay Friga, adding 270M Million Monthly Views and 12 Million Subscribers Organically.

Tuesday, February 2nd 2021

Vancouver, B.C.: BBTV Holdings Inc. (TSX: BBTV), a media tech company that uses technology enabled solutions to help content creators become more successful, today announced numerous major content partner signings, further amplifying and expanding BBTV’s rich library of content, viewership and monetization.

  • Signings include Entertainment content partners JackSucksAtLife, and Clepton, and Sports content partners Jordan Yeoh Fitness, and D’Vontay Friga. Other notable signings include nojroom, Eric Tabach, Jackie Figueroa, and Gibi ASMR.
  • With these content partners, BBTV adds an additional 270 million monthly views and 12 million subscribers organically.
  • BBTV also renews and expands content partnerships with Brad Mondo, SteveTheGamer55, AutoTopNL, and Biankinha, who collectively generate 127 million monthly views and 16 million subscribers.

“BBTV continues to demonstrate that it is the home for the world’s largest influencers who want to expand  reach and monetization for their video content. Not only do we continue to attract new top class talent, but we’re retaining partners through the strength of our offering and solutions,”  comments Shahrzad Rafati, Chairperson and CEO, BBTV. “BBTV’s end to end solutions for content management, distribution and monetization are all reasons why we are winning the hearts and minds of superstar creators such as those announced today. The year has started off strong with impressive momentum across all areas of the business and we have a healthy pipeline for the months ahead.”

BBTV welcomes JackSucksAtLife (13.89M YouTube Monthly Views; 3.075M YouTube Subscribers; 81.6K Instagram Followers; 126.8K Twitter Followers) to its partner base. Known for his recent collaborations with other YouTube superstars MrBeast and KSI, Jack is the ultimate YouTuber with a constant stream of content, ranging from YouTube play buttons, car reviews, unboxings, commentary, and reactions across five YouTube channels. Jack holds the Guinness World Record for most channels with over 100,000 subscribers owned by an individual[1].

Clepton (172.98M YouTube Monthly Views; 1.3M YouTube Subscribers; 119K Instagram Followers; 2.5M TikTok Followers) an extraordinary comedian who started his career on Brazil’s Stand Up comedy stages, also joins BBTV. With live shows postponed due to the pandemic, Clepton revived his YouTube channel and has seen explosive growth, featuring comedy shorts and gaming live streams.

BBTV has signed Jordan Yeoh Fitness (3.95M YouTube Monthly Views; 2.92M YouTube Subscribers; 6.6M Facebook Followers; 910K Instagram Followers). Jordan’s channel offers guided, easy to follow beginner to advance workouts to lose weight, burn fat and build muscles.

BBTV has also added D’Vontay Friga (472.77K YouTube Monthly Views; 388K YouTube Subscribers; 132K Instagram Followers; 18.3K Twitter Followers), the newest member of the NBA Playmakers’ family and former division three college basketball player who is well-known for his wildly popular videos balling in parks around the U.S mic’d up to capture all of the on (and off) court action. In December, Friga teamed up with another current NBA Playmaker, Devin Williams of IN THE LAB (1.2M YouTube Monthly Views; 555K YouTube Subscribers), to bring fans an exciting 1 vs. 1 showdown on the court. The duo spent months going back-and-forth on social media over who’d reign supreme in a head-to-head matchup, which led to this first-of-its-kind livestream event, sponsored by Adidas and Ballislife.

Other notable signings BBTV is excited to announce are:

  • nojroom (50.2M YouTube Monthly Views; 553K YouTube Subscribers; 21.4k Instagram Followers; 256.8K TikTok Followers), a bustling new creator, hailing in an audience of over 400K subscribers in six months with his Among Us shorts.
  • Actor and comedian Eric Tabach (639.26K YouTube Monthly Views; 284K YouTube Subscribers; 166K Instagram Followers; 223K TikTok Followers), who connects with his audience through meaningful comedy videos on YouTube.
  • Jackie Figueroa (581.39K YouTube Monthly Views; 110K YouTube Subscribers, 889K Instagram Followers), who has built an impressive Instagram following and is now bringing her audience to her new lifestyle YouTube channel full of vlogs, story times, and collaborations.
  • Gibi ASMR (27.16M YouTube Monthly Views; 3M YouTube Subscribers; 337K Instagram Followers; 142.4M Twitter Followers; 154.1K TikTok Followers, 232K Twitch Followers) is an American ASMR YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and cosplayer.

BBTV is also thrilled to renew and activate Plus Solution partnerships with:

  • Brad Mondo (27.55M YouTube Monthly Views; 6.68M YouTube Subscribers; 9M Facebook Followers; 1.9M Instagram Followers; 177.3K Twitter Followers; 7.2M TikTok Followers), is a digital creator, professional hairstylist, and entrepreneur known for hair education and hilarious reaction videos.
  • SteveTheGamer55 (7.84M YouTube Monthly Views, 2.97M YouTube Subscribers; 29.25K Facebook Followers; 194K Instagram Followers; 21.7K Twitter Followers), who has turned GTA gaming into an art form and continues to build his success with merchandise and a renewed focus on Facebook.
  • AutoTopNL (28.29M YouTube Monthly Views; 2.53M YouTube Subscribers; 20.3K Facebook Followers; 79.3K Instagram Followers), an online car filming and testing company that is one of the biggest car review channels in Europe.
  • Biankinha (63.67M YouTube Monthly Views; 4M YouTube Subscribers; 133K Instagram Followers), a young Brazilian creator whose content, including skits with her friends and family to wholesome pranks and antics, is fun for the whole family.

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Parter Signings Additional Monthly Views: JackSucksAtLife; 13.89M + Clepton; 172.98M + Jordan Yeoh Fitness; 3.95M + D’Vontay Friga; 472.77K + nojroom; 50.2M + Eric Tabach; 639.26K + Jackie Figueroa; 581.39K + Gibi ASMR; 27.16M = 270M – January 26th, 2021
Partner Signings Additional Subscribers: JackSucksAtLife; 3.075M + Clepton; 1.3M + Jordan Yeoh Fitness; 2.92M + D’Vontay Friga; 388K + nojroom; 553K + Eric Tabach; 284K + Jackie Figueroa; 110K + Gibi ASMR; 3M = 12M – January 26th, 2021
Partner Retentions Monthly Views: SteveTheGamer55; 7.84M + Brad Mondo; 27.55M + AutoTopNL; 28.29M + Biankinha; 63.67M = 127M – January 26th, 2021
Partner Retentions Subscribers: SteveTheGamer55; 2.97M + Brad Mondo; 6.68M+ AutoTopNL; 2.53M + Biankinha; 4M = 16M – January 26th, 2021
YouTube Subscribers Source: YouTube – January 26th, 2021
YouTube Monthly Views Source: SocialBlade – January 26th, 2021
Facebook Followers Source: Facebook – January 26th, 2021
Twitter Followers Source: Twitter – January 26th, 2021
Instagram Followers Source: Instagram – January 26th, 2021
TikTok Followers Source: TikTok – January 26th, 2021

[1] Guinness World Records; JackSucksAtLife creator Jack Massey Welsh sets record with his YouTube channels

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