BBTV Founder & CEO Sharzad Rafati

BBTV Signs New Contracts with Top Entertainment, Kids, and Gaming Influencers

New Signings add 272 Million Monthly Views.

Monday, March 8th 2021

Vancouver, B.C: BBTV Holdings Inc. (TSX: BBTV; OTCQX: BBTVF)(“BBTV” or the “Company”), a media tech company that uses technology enabled solutions to help influencers become more successful, today announced numerous major influencer signings, further amplifying and expanding BBTV’s viewership and monetization.

  • New signings include influencers Brandon Baum, HeyKids, Bari Koral, Everyday Crafts, and WG Mojo Shorts.
  • With these new signings, BBTV adds an additional 272 million monthly views including 165 million monthly views from HeyKids alone.

“BBTV adds significant value for influencers that are focused on expanding their viewership and monetization opportunities, as demonstrated by our latest round of major influencer signings,” comments Shahrzad Rafati, Chairperson and CEO, BBTV. “Our global reach across multiple content genres and territories continue to expand, allowing us to not only benefit from increased viewership, but an ever-expanding platform to open new revenue opportunities from BBTV’s Plus Solutions.”

In January this year, BBTV announced that it had extended its service offering to Instagram and TikTok influencers. BBTV helps influencers boost their brand, grow their audience and drive monetization across the company’s high margin Plus Solutions including Ad Sales and Content Management. Many of the new signings have followings on multiple platforms, allowing BBTV to offer a range of services and solutions.

Brandon Baum (93.57M YouTube Monthly Views; 933K YouTube Subscribers; 257K Instagram Followers; 1.8M TikTok Followers) is best known for being a director and producer for the YouTube channel Woody and Kleiny. As a video editor who knows the digital space, he recognized the growth potential in TikTok near the beginning of Covid, and saw instant success with his educational video editing hack videos, followed quickly by the success on his newly created personal YouTube channel featuring mostly YT Shorts.

BBTV welcomes 11 new channels from HeyKids (165M YouTube Monthly Views; 6M YouTube Subscribers; 5.5K Facebook Followers). HeyKids’ vision is to strengthen the bonds between parents and young children through a world of fun and educational animated nursery rhymes that they can discover and enjoy together. Come join them in a world of happy and fun songs for kids with wonderful characters animated in 3D.

BBTV has also added Bari Koral (10.08M YouTube Monthly Views; 398K YouTube Subscribers; 3K Facebook Followers), who through her original content teaches thousands of children across the world music, yoga, and importance of mindfulness, Everyday Crafts (3.65M YouTube Monthly Views; 478K YouTube Subscribers), which showcases a great range of projects, full of colour and creativity, that anyone can do at home, including children, and short form gaming content creator WG Mojo Shorts (3.26M YouTube Monthly Views; 61.6K YouTube Subscribers).

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  • Parter Signings Additional Monthly Views: Brandon Baum; 93.57M; HeyKids; 165M + Bari Koral; 10.08M + Everyday Crafts; 3.56M + WG Mojo Shorts; 3.26M = 272M – March 2nd, 2021
  • Partner Signings Additional Subscribers: Brandon Baum; 933K + HeyKids; 6M + Bari Koral; 398K + Everyday Crafts; 478K + WG Mojo Shorts; 61.6K = 8M – March 2nd, 2021
  • YouTube Subscribers Source: YouTube – March 2nd, 2021
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About BBTV
BBTV is a media and technology company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s mission is to democratize content by leveraging its proprietary technologies to drive viewership and monetization for content creators of all sizes. From individual content creators to global media companies, BBTV monetizes the media of content creators through end-to-end management, distribution and monetization solutions, powered by its innovative VISO Platform, including related proprietary technology, while allowing content creators to focus on their core competency – content creation. In August 2020, BBTV had the second most unique monthly viewers among digital platforms with more than 600 million globally, who consumed more than 50 billion minutes of video content, the most among media companies*.

*Calculations and classifications made by BBTV based on August 2020 data from Comscore’s reports from its top 12 countries. Each report is titled, “Comscore Video Metrix Media Trend – Multi-Platform – Top 100 Video Properties Report.”

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