BBTV Third Largest Global Video Property Behind Google and Facebook

One in three people that consume video across Google sites, including YouTube now watch BBTV content

VANCOUVER, B.C. April 12th, 2016

Today, BroadbandTV (BBTV), the world’s largest Multi-Platform Network (MPN), unveils that it is the number three video property in the world. The leading MPN follows only mega-platforms Google and Facebook, according to the latest comScore Top 100 Video Properties Worldwide report for Unique Viewers.

When compared to the top two, BBTV’s unique video viewership is 53% the size of Facebook, and a third (31%) of Google’s, showing that one out of every three people that consumed video content across Google sites, including YouTube, watched BBTV content in February this year. BBTV is now ahead of leading music brand VEVO, it achieves a staggering 42% more unique video viewers than media giant AOL, and 125% more unique viewers than social media platform Twitter.

comScore Top 100 Video Properties Worldwide report for Unique Viewers, February 2016

1. Google Sites – 1,018,308\ 2. Facebook – 601,823\ 3. BroadbandTV – 317,084\ 4. VEVO – 306,878\ 5. Warner Music – 291,822

The leading MPN, and largest distributor of short form video content is increasing its unique viewers lead over its competitors, with 28% more than its nearest competitor, Maker Studios, acquired by Disney in March 2014. In comparison to AwesomenessTV, which recently made headlines with the 24.5% stake made by telecom giant Verizon, BBTV is 11.7x (1,070%) larger in unique viewers.

“We’re one of the largest creators and distributors of short form content globally, and the business continues to develop at an incredible rate, we’re now poised for another period of significant growth,” commented Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV. “In 2016, we expect to accelerate further as we continue to scale the business both domestically and internationally, expand our verticals, create and distribute compelling content across more platforms, and further diversify revenue streams.”

This news follows BBTV’s rebrand, and a host of major accomplishments in the last 12 months, including the acquisition of top digital-first kids content producer, YoBoHo HooplaKidz, and the launch of HooplaKidz network later in the year; a partnership with The Huffington Post to establish Outspeak, a next-generation citizen journalism brand, and the recently launched Windfall, a comprehensive offering to find, develop, and service music artists across all platforms in partnership with BMG.

BBTV’s content creators span a number of key media brands including: TGN, the most engaged gaming network; Opposition, the largest hip-hop music network; number one Electronic Dance Music (EDM) network, WIMSIC, in addition to HooplaKidz, Outspeak and Windfall.

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About BroadbandTV

BroadbandTV is an innovative media and technology company that drives success for online video creators by leveraging its premium media brands, proprietary technology, and massive online reach. BroadbandTV operates the world’s largest Multi-Platform Network with 15 billion views per month, and 74,000 partners. Its content creators span a number of key media brands including: TGN, the most engaged gaming network on YouTube; Opposition, the largest hip-hop music video network; number one Electronic Dance Music (EDM) video network, WIMSIC; leading kids & family network, HooplaKidz; and Outspeak, the next-generation citizen journalism brand in partnership with The Huffington Post. The business recently unveiled Windfall, a joint venture to find, develop and service music artists across all platforms, in partnership with BMG. BroadbandTV has developed some of the most advanced and innovative technologies in the online video space: VISO NOVI, for detecting and managing fan uploaded content and VISO Catalyst for enhancing viewership and engagement for premium videos. In June 2013, the leading European entertainment network RTL Group acquired a majority stake in BroadbandTV. Both companies also formed an ongoing strategic partnership to accelerate the global growth strategy of BroadbandTV. RTL Group’s initial investment of US-$36 million is part of a planned series of investments in the company.