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BroadbandTV Corp. Partners with Snapchat to bring new Creator Shows to Life

BBTV announces partnership with Snapchat for new Creator Shows with BBTV creators Chris Staples and Sheamus.

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Vancouver, B.C.: Today, BroadbandTV Corp. (BBTV) a Canadian media-tech company that is advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management and monetization of video content, announces a new partnership with Snapchat. The deal will see two of BBTV’s content owners, Chris Staples and Sheamus, take part in Snapchat’s new Creator Shows program, first-person, personality driven Shows in regularly published and consistent formats. Like all Shows on Snapchat, each episode will average three to five minutes in length and each season will consist of eight to ten episodes. Creator Shows begin airing this summer on the Discover page, to the right of the camera, to Snapchatters globally.

“We’re thrilled to announce another strategic partnership that further expands revenue opportunities for BBTV’s content owners, on a major platform such as Snapchat,” comments Ben Pickering, VP Strategic Business Development, BroadbandTV. “Snapchat is delivering clear monetization for content partners which is great news for the industry, and we hope to further deepen and expand our relationship with the Snap team.”

BBTV content owner Chris Staples joined the Harlem Globetrotters in 2013, where he spent the better part of three seasons exciting fans around the world with his high-flying dunks and massive talent. Now, taking his status as one of the world’s elite dunkers, Chris is inviting his fellow dunking buddies to hit the court with him in his new Snapchat series “Dunk Day with Chris Staples”, and face off in the most dazzling, gravity-defying, and downright ridiculous dunk challenges ever seen.

“Creating shows with Snapchat not only provides me with an incredible platform to engage with my audience, but I will also be able to showcase my personal brand in a new and creative way,” comments Chris Staples. “Team BBTV is committed to bring new revenue opportunities to its partners, and this deal with Snapchat is a great example of that.”

At 6 foot four, 267 pounds, Sheamus, a.k.a. The Celtic Warrior is one of the most recognized faces in wrestling. Now, for the first time in ten years, Sheamus is off the road and has a little downtime at home. But don't expect to see this champion vegging on the couch. On each episode of Sheamus’ Snapchat Creator Show “Celtic Warrior Workouts”, Sheamus will take Snapchat viewers along for his intense daily workout routine and give them an inside peek at how he stays so fit with helpful advice along the way.

This news follows BBTV’s recent announcement that its video content is viewed by more than 575 million unique viewers each month, second only to Google. BBTV is now number one across all media companies in terms of total monthly watch-time, with 46.9 billion minutes across comScore’s top 12 countries report, February 2019. BBTV achieves 38 billion video views on a monthly basis.


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BroadbandTV (BBTV) is a media-tech company that is advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management and monetization of content. As of May 2019, BBTV generates 38 billion monthly impressions, and in February it achieved 575 million unique viewers which consume 46.9 billion minutes of video content per month. BBTV is the second largest video property across the top 12 countries of the world in terms of unique viewers following only Google as of Feb 2019. BBTV provides end to end management, distribution and monetization solutions to content owners around the globe by providing innovative technology and leading services. BBTV has built proprietary VISO technologies leveraging deep learning, signal processing, and big data to achieve to power its ecosystem.

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