BBTV Founder & CEO Sharzad Rafati

BroadbandTV Launches Brand Safety Video Solution VISO Prism

Proprietary technology solution scans hundreds of thousands of videos daily providing safer content to brands and advertisers, while informing the decision making of creators and media companies.

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Vancouver, B.C. and Lisbon, Portugal: Today at Web Summit, Lisbon, BroadbandTV (BBTV), a digital entertainment company which exists to empower creators and inspire audiences, announces the launch of VISO Prism, its proprietary content safety technology platform and solution. Not only does VISO Prism provide safer video content to brands and advertisers, it also empowers the decision making of creators and media companies when producing and distributing content.

VISO Prism is now available to BBTV partners as part of a fully managed service, and will be available as a full self-serve creator-facing platform before the end of the year. VISO Prism has the ability to scan content within and outside of the BBTV video network.

Built in-house by BBTV’s research and engineering team, this patent-pending technology leverages state-of-the-art digital signal processing, big data and deep learning technologies for analyzing metadata, thumbnail, and in-video content. VISO Prism provides videos with an advanced trust and safety score, highlighting areas of the content that are outside of its stringent trust and safety criteria. It also introduces two unique features: one, providing a self-serve intelligent tool for the analysis of a video or a channel, and two; the ability to assess the degree of copyright infringement for any given channel.

VISO Prism can provide a safety score on any given YouTube channel, by determining the volume of brand safe videos within it. It has the ability to scan the entire BBTV network, individual channels, or specific videos or content for branded campaigns and prioritise content for a manual review by the company’s Trust and Safety team.

“Since its inception in 2005, BBTV has built innovative technology solutions leveraging AI to power many aspects of the digital video ecosystem from content discovery, optimization, distribution and insights,” comments Shahrzad Rafati, Founder and CEO, BroadbandTV. “AI impacts every aspect of our industry, and any digital media company that's not thinking about how AI can make their products and services better will not be as successful in the long run. We are helping advance the space so our partners can become as successful as they can be.”

VISO Prism is available to BBTV partners and creators in 11 languages with plans to expand further. It joins BBTV’s existing technology suite, including VISO, its flagship creator platform that features a number of tools and services to help creators grow and succeed, and VISO NOVI, its proprietary managed SaaS offering and service, which detects, tracks and measures fan activity associated with premium content and puts the rights owners back in control of their IP.

BBTV remains the third largest video property globally with 34.8 billion monthly views following only Google and Facebook, according to the June 2018 comScore Top 100 Video Properties Worldwide report for Unique Viewers.

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About BroadbandTV
BroadbandTV is a digital entertainment company which exists to empower creators and inspire audiences. Today, BroadbandTV generates over 34.8 billion monthly impressions and is the third largest video property in the world - in terms of unique viewers - following only Google and Facebook as of June 2018. Its leading digital video networks include: popular kids content brand, HooplaKidz; number one hip-hop and electronic music destinations, Opposition and WIMSIC; TGN, the largest and most engaged community of gamers worldwide; Outspeak, journalism network covering current events in politics, entertainment, lifestyle, business, technology, and more; and NBA Playmakers, geared to reach targeted and engaged audiences from sports, to how-to and fitness, and basketball culture in partnership with the NBA. In June 2013, leading European entertainment network RTL Group acquired a majority stake in BroadbandTV. Both companies also formed an ongoing strategic partnership to accelerate the global growth strategy of BroadbandTV.

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