BroadbandTV Now The Largest Multi-Platform Network Worldwide

Latest figures confirmed by comScore validate BBTV’s leadership position in the global online video ecosystem

VANCOUVER, B.C. (February 4th, 2016)

Today, BroadbandTV (BBTV), the fastest growing Multi-Platform Network (MPN) in the world*, unveils that it is the largest MPN globally. According to comScore’s December 2015 worldwide desktop video report**, BroadbandTV achieves nearly 319 million worldwide unique viewers, 30% more than Maker Studios, a growth of 152% year over year, making it the fastest growing MPN player in the industry*.

BBTV attributes this consistent network growth to a number of drivers, including: its strong media brands in high growth content verticals, existing network of creators experiencing organic growth and new partners joining its network, strategic partnerships, and the efficiencies gained by its internal and external technology solutions.

The report also shows 2.7 billion total worldwide desktop video views in its network, 14% (13.69%) more than the nearest competitor, and its total watchtime is also the greatest in the market by 14% (14.06%). BBTV now leads the MPN market in unique views, total impressions, and total minutes watched. According to Google Analytics, BBTV now totals 14 billion monthly impressions as of January 2016, for both mobile and desktop.

In addition to leading the MPN market, BroadbandTV has one of the largest overall video audiences worldwide, following only Google, Facebook, Sohu, and LETV.

\ Unprecedented Scale

BroadbandTV’s total reach of 14 billion monthly impressions is more than 2.5 times greater than Maker Studios’ at the time of its acquisition by Disney. In 2015, BBTV experienced 219% year over year growth, for both desktop and mobile based on Google Analytics.

“We’ve put ourselves at the centre of the communities and conversations that millennials are engaging with, powered it with our scalable technology and solutions, and built media brands that will shape the future of online video and entertainment,” comments BroadbandTV Founder & CEO, Shahrzad Rafati. “We’ve created one of the largest and most scalable video ecosystems, and we’ve done so with a fraction of the capital that other players have raised.”

BBTV’s content creators span a number of key media brands including: TGN, the most engaged gaming network on YouTube; Opposition, the largest hip-hop music video network; number one Electronic Dance Music (EDM) video network, WIMSIC; leading kids and family network, HooplaKidz; and Outspeak, a strategic partnership with The Huffington Post. Most recently, BBTV announced a strategic alliance with BMG to create Windfall, a venture that provides an end-to-end offering for music artists across all platforms.

“BBTV’s core foundation in technology has allowed us to stand out from the competition as tech now powers all aspects of the online video ecosystem, from content production, distribution, marketing to monetization, it allows creators to achieve success at scale,” commented Rafati. “Despite our numerous achievements we are just getting started, there is much more to come.”

*Video Metrix, comScore Audience Duplication Report, Worldwide Data, September 2014 – December 2015

**Video Metrix, comScore Audience Duplication Report, Worldwide Data, December 2015

BroadbandTV includes: BroadbandTV @ YouTube, BBTV Fremantle @ YouTube, Crackle Media 3 @ YouTube, AdRev @ YouTube, AdRevUppm @ YouTube, AdRev615 @ YouTube, AdRevEnt managed @ YouTube, AdRevPub @ YouTube & YoBoHo @ YouTube