BroadbandTV Partners with Taking Root and GHG Accounting to Become Carbon Responsible And Fight Deforestation Through Female Empowerment

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Vancouver, B.C.: BroadbandTV Corp. (BBTV), a Canadian media-tech company that is advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management and monetization of video content, has partnered with Taking Root, a social organization that is fighting deforestation, one of the largest contributors to climate change, by building sustainable farming practices with family farmers in Nicaragua through carbon offsets.

The offsets purchased by BBTV will be supplied to women farmers who are part of the Forests for Equality Project, which will help deliver services such as workshops, training and financial support. These farmers will then be able to reforest under-utilized parts of their farms using native tree species. The amount of offsets purchased matches those emitted through the company’s activities which was measured by leading environmental consultancy, GHG Accounting.

“It’s easy in this day and age for companies to push a button online and purchase carbon offsets without fully understanding the process or complete impact of their efforts,” says Meghan Nichol, Director of People and Culture at BBTV. “Working with our consultant partners, GHG accounting, we were able to fully understand our own environmental impact, where we could improve and forge a partnership with Taking Root to offset our emissions. Partnering with Taking Root, BBTV is helping fund female farmers in Nicaragua and empowering them to be economically self-sufficient and develop sustainable futures by growing forests.”

“We’re excited BBTV has decided to work with our organization, especially in a year that is set to be record setting for Taking Root,” comments Kahlil Baker, Executive Director, Taking Root. “With the help of BBTV, we will be able to reach our year goal of reforesting and planting over 1.5 million trees on over 900 hectares of land in Northern Nicaragua, allowing us to work with new communities, and provide resilience to female farmers in the form of financial security and improved livelihoods.”

Taking Root, as a project developer, has built a strong reputation for their transparency and for delivering extraordinary social and environmental impact aligning with BBTV’s focus on sustainability. For more information please visit, and


About BroadbandTV
BroadbandTV (BBTV) is a media-tech company that is advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management and monetization of content. As of May 2019, BBTV generates 38 billion monthly impressions, and in February it achieved 575 million unique viewers which consume 46.9 billion minutes of video content per month. BBTV is the second largest video property across the top 12 countries of the world in terms of unique viewers following only Google as of Feb 2019. BBTV provides end to end management, distribution and monetization solutions to content owners around the globe by providing innovative technology and leading services. BBTV has built proprietary VISO technologies leveraging deep learning, signal processing, and big data to achieve to power its ecosystem.

About Taking Root
Taking Root is a pioneer in leveraging the forest carbon offset industry to promote economic development amongst smallholder farmers in Central America. As a not for profit, their mission is to use reforestation as a tool to mitigate climate change, restore ecosystems and improve livelihoods. This is achieved by encouraging smallholder-farming families to reforest the under-utilized parts of their farms using native tree species in exchange for direct payments over time as the trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere. These carbon sequestration services are then marketed and sold directly within Canada and through channel partnerships in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, England, the USA and Spain.

About GHG Accounting Services
GHG Accounting Services provides specialized carbon and sustainability consulting and greenhouse gas accounting services to corporations, local government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. This unique service and product portfolio combines environmental management expertise, scientific rigour, accounting proficiency and comprehensive business skill sets with state of the art technology solutions. The accurate, environmentally sound and auditable quantification of GHG emissions is the heart and soul of the daily work. Enabling and providing tools and facts that deliver meaningful managerial and scientific decision making to identify lower GHG emission solutions is their passion.

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