Technology background

BBTV Technology

BBTV’s proprietary VISO technologies leverage machine learning, digital signal processing and big data
 to uniquely position BBTV’s management, distribution, and monetization of content.

Viso background

One Suite - Every Angle

VISO is BBTV’s proprietary suite of managed and SaaS products that power a wide range of our services, from content management to content protection and collaborations.

End-to-End Content
Management Platform

From the optimization of metadata across keywords, titles, and descriptions to in-depth insights, VISO Catalyst is a leading solution that maximizes content performance.
Viso Catalyst laptop

Ensuring Content
is Discovered

by optimizing all aspects of each video.

with Audiences

using engagement tools.

Insights on

of content from the big picture to a deep dive.

Fan Engagement and
Rights Management

Understanding fan engagement and harnessing control of fan uploaded content provides creators a pulse of their digital following, informing and facilitating all aspects of their decision-making while creating new revenue streams.

Identifying Content

that has been deployed by fans, as soon as it’s released.

Capturing Insights

across fan content to understand what they’re consuming and inform better decisions.

Protecting IP

by managing content to ensure content integrity and monetization potential.

Brand Safety and Content Protection

Facilitating identification and management of content for brand safety.
Viso Prism laptop

Performing dynamic
scans and searches

based on updated policies and findings.


including key signals for brand safety and spam.


with insights to help creators understand and address it effectively.

Connecting With
a Global Content Community

VISO Collab is a solution that intelligently facilitates and matches creators as they connect with one another for skills sharing and cross-promotion

Finding the right

by leveraging intelligent matching technology to identify ideal audience crossovers and promotional potential.

Posting and finding
new opportunities

to collaborate with other creators.

Leveraging step-by-step project management

to facilitate smooth and efficient collaborations.