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BBTV is a Media-Tech Company that is advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management, and monetization of content.

Our Story

Sparked from a passion for making content available to the world, CEO Shahrzad Rafati founded BBTV in 2005 at the onset of the online video revolution. With a deep-rooted foundation in scalable technology and digital video, we’ve impacted and evolved within this fast-moving industry for more than 14 years.

Today, we create, manage, and distribute premium digital content that reaches an engaged global audience. Digital media is a massive ecosystem and we’re at its center, connecting platforms, creators, advertisers enterprise, and audiences.

BBTV is the second largest video property across the top 12 countries of the world in terms of unique viewers following only Google, reaching 38 billion monthly impressions.

BBTV provides end to end solutions to content owners by providing innovative technology and leading services. We have built proprietary VISO technologies leveraging deep learning, signal processing, and big data to power our global ecosystem.

BBTV measures success across four pillars that contribute to a Quadruple Bottom Line. Spanning people, social, environmental, and financial KPIs, these pillars embody BBTV’s values and desired impact internally and externally.

BBTV Quadruple Bottom Line: Financial Pillar BBTV Quadruple Bottom Line: People Pillar BBTV Quadruple Bottom Line: Social Pillar BBTV Quadruple Bottom Line: Environmental Pillar

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